The Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec (hereinafter referred to as “CRAAQ” or “we”) operates the website www.ifma20.org.
As part of its mission, the CRAAQ organizes events and activities and administers websites for which registration is required. It also publishes various publications and offers them for purchase on its website. Electronic delivery is the preferred means to register for activities or to purchase publications. With this policy, the CRAAQ intends to clarify the measures taken so as to make sure the information gathered during online transactions is processed in a secure and confidential fashion. This policy applies to all websites administered by the CRAAQ.
Collected information and its use
What is personal information?
“Personal information” is information that concerns you as a person and that you have voluntarily provided as a user of CRAAQ’s websites and which enables you to be identified. It may be, for example, your name, your postal or email address, your home telephone number or cellphone number, or any other identification element.
Other types of information could be considered as being personal information if they are related to other information enabling your identification.
Information use
The collection of this information enables us to offer you products and services of interest that correspond promptly and appropriately to your needs in a personalized fashion, to process your orders more rapidly and to contact you, if needed.

Your email address, for example, is essential for the delivery of content from our sites and it is used for promotional purposes if your explicit authorization has been granted to us.  If you no longer wish to receive our promotions or news, you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link provide for this purpose in the emails we send you.

We store this information so as to enable you to reuse it, without time limitation, if you wish to order content from our websites. We also use this data to improve the presentation and the organization of our sites, as well as for their customization.

Collection of information – Forms, cookies and automatic data transfer
We collect personal information in the following circumstances:
•    When you become a client or a member of the CRRAQ through one of our websites, by mail, by fax or by telephone;
•    When you register for a contest or a promotion from the CRAAQ through one of our websites, by mail or by fax;
•    When you make online purchases through one of our websites;
•    When you register online for an activity, including webcasting;
•    When you subscribe to our electronic newsletters;
•    When you answer our online surveys;
•    When you contact us by telephone, by mail or by email to make a request or to comment on our services or websites (in these cases, we store this information in our files for a certain period of time and the disclosure of your identity and personal information is voluntary);
•    A portion of the information is gathered via forms that you have voluntarily consented to provide us with that contain information that concerns you. Another portion of the information is gathered via cookies. Moreover, certain information that might not be directly associated to you might be transmitted by the navigation tool you use.
Cookies are small text files stored in your web browser on your computer. The use of cookies is a widespread practice and most websites use them to enhance user experience on their website. These cookies do not have the capacity to access information on your hard drive. They help, for example, to take into consideration the web user’s language so as to open a home page in the correct language at a subsequent visit. No personal information that you might have sent is stored as a cookie; it is therefore impossible to associate the content of a cookie to your person specifically. Most web browsers allow you to manage and eventually, delete cookies. If you delete cookies, we might not be able to personalize your experience on our websites.
Automatic data transfer
When a user accesses any website, an exchange of information – that does not personally identify a user – is completed in a transparent manner between his/her computer and the visited site’s server. The information exchanged relates to computer features (operating system, screen resolution, etc.), the browser (type, version, etc.) and the modalities of visits on the websites (pages visited, length, dates and hours of access, site of origin, etc.). We take this information into consideration so as to optimize our clients’ experience on our sites. However, they remain anonymous and are never associated to our clients.

Disclosure of your personal information
Your personal information is used by the CRAAQ strictly for internal purposes and we do not sell, rent or market this information. We do not transfer any personal information to third parties. Furthermore, the CRAAQ does not market its clients’ lists. However, it is possible that this information may be used for research or statistical purposes. If so, the transmission of results or statistics would not disclose your identity or personal information.
CRAAQ responsibilities: Data storage, transfer and security

In order to protect your personal information, the CRAAQ follows appropriate security measures on its computer servers, for both archiving and data transfer. We strive to protect you against the loss or the unauthorized use of the information you provide to us, in particular, the information relating to your credit card.
The CRAAQ complies with SSL secure communications protocols to ensure that each transaction is carried out in a secure fashion. Moreover, your payment is made directly through Desjardins, if applicable.
Following a transaction, the CRAAQ does not retain any data related to your credit card, which is why you must re-enter this information for every new transaction.

If however, online credit card payment is something you are concerned about, it is possible for you to use other methods (mail, telephone or fax) to carry out an order or a registration. Our contact information regarding all payment methods is indicated under the tab Terms and Conditions of Sale.
To our foreign clients: it is possible for us to store your personal information in servers that are not located in your country. The storage conditions comply with the principles set out in this policy.
Your responsibility: Consent and password
The CRAAQ obtains your consent when gathering, using and communicating any personal information listed in your client profile, unless subject to exceptions under applicable laws.
Your consent to our use of personal information may be withdrawn at any time by following the directions found in the “Right to access information, comments and complaints” section.

You are responsible of the information provided, as well as the confidentiality of the identification data, your username and password, if necessary. The CRAAQ may not be held responsible of an unauthorized use of this information by a third-party. In the event that the confidentiality of this information is compromised, it is important to promptly notify the CRAAQ so as to prevent fraudulent use of your identity.
For a secure browsing: links to third-party sites
The CRAAQ websites contain links to websites operated by other organizations and businesses. By clicking of these links, you will leave the CRAAQ websites. The CRAAQ has no control over the operation of these websites and the fact that they are referenced on the CRAAQ websites does not hold the CRAAQ liable in any way. Any information provided through these websites is subject to the privacy and security policies of these sites and we recommend that you read them carefully.
Right to access information, comments and complaints
You may at any moment, subject to the conditions and exceptions provided by the applicable laws, consult, change or request the removal of confidential information that concerns you by contacting the CRAAQ customer service. Following is our contact information should you wish to share your concerns with us, update your personal information, refuse or remove your consent or make a complaint

Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec (CRAAQ)
Édifice Delta 1
2875, boulevard Laurier, 9e étage
Québec (Québec)
G1V 2M2
Telephone : 418 523-5411 (for Québec and surrounding area)
                       1 888 535-2537 (everywhere in Canada)
Fax: 418 644-5944

Email: client@craaq.qc.ca
The CRAAQ reserves the rights to change this policy at any time, yet is committed to update the information contained in this document. If and when the need arises to do so, a notice of change will be posted on our websites, inviting you to read our policy, and a list of all amendments will be kept permanently on file at the CRAAQ.

Updated: October 24th 2011


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